An Introduction to Emo Hairstyles

An Introduction to Emo Hairstyles

Emo is an abbreviation for “emotional,” and is a somewhat broad title that covers a range of different styles of emotionally-charged punk rock music. A person who considers himself or herself to be Emo normally has an unbelievably depressing disposition. They often cry themselves to sleep every night, and basically view the world through darkness. People who label themselves as Emo are generally quite apathetic and extremely emotional to the point of being miserable. They wallow in their misery and have no desire to change. Emos feel they are misunderstood by others, and that life is particularly unfair to them. Members of the Emo group often cut themselves for a variety of reasons.

Emos have their own fashion sense which usually includes heavy eye make-up. A lot of the guys in this group tend to wear very tight jeans, which are often women’s jeans. Girls in the Emo culture wear a lot of fashion trends from the late 70’s to early 80’s.

Being a part of the Emo scene also means having very unique trendy hairstyles. These haircuts usually sport awkward sharp angles and are many times glossed. This style is androgynous and both males and females often have the exact same Emo haircut. Most hair color is dark, usually black, but has streaks or highlights of different colors such as blonde or red. The bangs are usually long enough to cover the forehead and eyes. Combined with spiked hair on the back of the head, these features make up a typical Emo hairstyle.

While many upscale salons have several typical Emo haircuts or styles they offer as specialties, a lot of the Emo clan just pick up a razor or a pair of scissors and cut it themselves. As the color is a huge part of the overall look, dying the hair is essential. Black hair dye seems to be the color of choice to cover all of the hair. The next step in the process is choosing a color, or colors, to highlight or streak the hair. These are generally colors that will stand out against the backdrop of the glossy black hair dye they have used.

The haircut itself can actually be accomplished right in front of the mirror. Simply pull a significant portion of the hair forward and start snipping away. If it is possible to walk around and not be able to see out of one eye, that eye can be covered completely with the section of hair that is left in the front. Different lengths are the desired look of the Emo hairstyle. Plenty of random spiking along with portions of the hair being long in places and significantly shorter in others is the desired look to achieve.

The look of the Emo hairstyle is an outward statement of the chaos that is being felt inside of the typical Emo personality. The randomness and darkness of this hairstyle symbolizes the emotional turmoil going on inside of the Emo’s soul. It is a way to express to others the angst that they are going through. Along with the unique fashion sense, the music, and the personality, an Emo haircut is simply the final touch to sharing their misery and self loathing with the world.



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